Thoughts and musings of an old codger.

Fixing Gulliver   - Thursday 18-11-21
I've been thinking a lot recently about what is causing Gullivers poor performance and power loss.........Read more.

Local Yokels   - Sunday 31-10-21
A campervan is for weekends, not just for holidays, and despite the onset of real Autumn, decided we do not want to be fair weather campers.........Read more.

Homeward bound   - Sunday 19-9-2021
Somewhere on Bodmin Moor, Gullivers engine management light came on........Read more.

First service   - Thursday 2-9-2021
As with all new installations, often a few snags show up after being used for a while .......Read more.

Maiden Voyage   - Thursday 26-8-2021
Todays the day for the campers maiden voyage! Set off around 11.30 heading for the West Country.......Read more.

Finishing touches   - Sunday 22-8-2021
All the hard work is done, and I have to say it was harder than I expected........Read more.

Lining the benches   - Thursday 19-8-2021
With the benches finished structurally, more or less, it was time to apply the lining.......Read more.

Making the bed   - Saturday 14-8-2021
With the hob and sink filled it was time to make the storage benches and bed.......Read more.

Making a start   - Thursday 12-8-2021
Materials have arrived, time to get out the power tools and brush up my woodworking skills........Read more.

Camper interior design   - Sunday 8-8-2021
Now I have an in-progress campervan conversion. I am fortunate in that there is little or no work needed in the bodywork or mechanical department, I only need to fit out the inside .........Read more.

Long time no blog   - Friday 6-8-2021
A friend mentioned that I don't update this blog very often, and if I didn't do it more regularly, people would not bother coming back to read it.
Guilty as charged!....Read more.

Visiting The Eden Project   - Friday 18-6-2021
While visiting Cornwall we always try to get to the Eden Project at least once a year. This year was no exception, and we visited in late May.....Read more.

Arrival in Cornwall   - Sunday 6-6-2021
Left Dartmoor and now in Cornwall, staying in Falmouth. Pubs are now allowed to seat people inside so we are staying in a hotel. Surprised at how quiet it is though.....Read more.

Off to the West Country   - Saturday 5-6-2021
Finally allowed to travel, and pubs serving outside, we decided to have a break in the West Country so I can take some new photographs and Mrs Flory can visit her grandchildren who live in Cornwall.....Read more.

Lockdown activities   - Tuesday 30-3-2021
Things have been fairly quiet lately. Not being able to travel to take new photographs I have been going back through folder of old shots, with new eyes so to speak.....Read more.

A visit to the Chemist   - Monday 8-03-2021
Back in the 70s, I would guess the cost of a can of film and developing was on average £2.50 for 24 prints. I used to eagerly pop up the chemist a few days later and be immediately underwhelmed with the results of my labours.........Read more.

Moon musings.   - Friday 5-3-2021
Many people ask me why I usually have a compass about my person, and is it because I need it to get home after a heavy session up the pub. Well, there are several reasons, but here is the most obvious.....Read more.

How Many??   - Saturday 20-2-2021
As I was sorting out my gear the other day, my better half asked me “How many cameras have you actually got”? This could be a leading question, like the time she asked how many guitars I really needed.....Read more.

To Sum Up…   - Friday 25-12-2020
Well, its Christmas. And what have we done. Not a lot actually! Website still not updated, but I have been planning it....Read more.

Autumn Cornwall   - Friday 6-11-2020
Late October we went back to Cornwall, to stay a while with my stepdaughter and her family. My wife went a week early as I was still working, and I was to join them later....Read more.

Lockdown, Cornwall and My Favourite Pastime   - Thursday 3-9-2020
If one has a positive outlook on life in general, you often look at things with the with the premise “When one door closes, another opens” ....Read more.

To Blog Or Not To Blog   - Sunday 30-8-2020
Somebody suggested I do a blog. I thought why? I don't consider myself an amazing photographer, and compared to most bloggers, not very knowledgeable about a particular subject or feel I have anything different to offer....Read more.