Thoughts and musings of an old codger.

To Blog Or Not To Blog   - Sunday 30-8-2020

Somebody suggested I do a blog.
I thought why? I don't consider myself an amazing photographer, and compared to most bloggers, not very knowledgeable about a particular subject or feel I have anything different to offer.

I often peruse the blogs on various sites and don't particularly have a preference on the author. Sometimes I get some tips, interesting facts, see some things I might try one day, get insights into aspects of photography or programming I hadn’t considered.

I came to the conclusion it doesn't really matter where the contribution is coming from, or the level of experience of the author. If one thinks of it as one side of a random conversation in a pub, it kind of makes more sense.

So, I’m starting a blog!
No idea what to write about, so perhaps I’ll start with random musings while having my first cigarette of the day in the garden.
I realise smoking is a nasty habit, but a small consolation is I see things I would not normally see if I didn’t venture into the garden at 7.30 am every day.

Today, I saw a muntjac deer passing through the garden. It was already on our side when I opened the back door. It looked at me, and obviously decided I’d not be able to get anywhere near it that fast, so unhurriedly wandered the width of the garden and skipped over the fence to next door.
Soon after, a skein of geese flew past, and not long after that a pair of ducks going the other way. Cyril the squirrel, a regular, put in an appearance, climbing up the arbour and trying to raid the bird feeders.
There is often a robin, who on fine days, sits on the same branch of a high tree and tweets away for five or ten minutes, but he wasn’t there today.

The weather is quite pleasant today, and I am off to have my first Covid jab around lunchtime, so decided to take a camera and use the opportunity of leaving the house to wander around a take a few photographs.

So, there is my opening gambit. Please come back now and again for more instalments of musings from an old codger. Thanks for reading.