The Globe Pub, Clare, Suffolk

I spend a lot of time in the Globe, the best pub in Clare, and probably the best drinkers pub in East Anglia.
The Globe is a free house, and always has 3 really good real ales on tap. Some have said its maybe my second home.
However, one has to show impartiality in these situations, so I am duty bound to tell you there are 3 other pubs in Clare besides the Globe, but as I write this, their names escape me.

The Globe hosts live bands every alternate Saturday night, and alternate Sunday lunchtimes. As an amateur muso myself, I have played a few sundays there in my personna of 'international rock star'.
The international bit come from the fact that, as rubbish as I am, I have played live in the UK, India and Prague.

But hey, thats enough about me, here are a few links to some fantastic bands Darrin and Lucy have hosted at the Globe.

The Collective
This band is a favourite on sunday afternoons, and always draws in a great crowd.

Robbie Gladwell & Friends
Robbie is another regular performer at the Globe, one of our more famous. He toured as Suzy Quatro's guitarist and was in Steve Harleys band Cockney Rebel.
This video is 'come up and see me, make me smile'.

Craig and Luke sing the Blues
Luke and Craig performing a sunday session. Craig also performs with Blues Situation on Saturday nights.

Mike Happeningboy
Mike has been here a few times, with various performers. Always good to see him. The big guy with the big voice.

Saucerfull of Floyd
Such a fantastic band. Appologies for the short, and rubbish video. I couldn't keep my hands raised any longer.
I include this, not just because they are great, but to demonstrate how they can engineer such a crisp, clean sound in a small place.
Absolute professionals, these guys. Visit their website to hear some of their tracks.
Saucerfull of Floyd are back at The Globe on 26th Ocober, 2019.

Darrin and Lucy. Landlady and Landlord of The Globe, and all round good guys.

Nelson, dropped his ball down the well again. Have to cover that up.

Bad Monkey Driver

CAMRA award, richly deserved. Always a good pint available here.

Saturday Night band

Yours truly doing a stint at the buskers afternoon.

I rest my case
Pride, Wherry or Doombar today...

Darrin (singing) with S.A.D.

My mate Iain upstaging me.
Blimey mate, wher'd you get that hat?

Followed by a load of Jinglies with sticks.

And of course, no Globe gallery would be complete without Nelson,
chief meeter and greeter, and child entertainer.