Welcome to Amateur Eye.

I once reasoned that a keen photographer takes his camera everywhere, in case an unexpected photo opportunity presents itself. A passionate photographer goes somewhere just to take his camera, and create their own opportunities.
Combining my interests of photography and riding classic motorcycles, I can plan my trips with a photo opportunity in mind rather than just a ride out.

I started this site a while ago, and then another project came up that sidetracked me for a while. As a result of making this site, while discussing it with a mate we came up with an idea to create a simple browser based app to display and tag our photographs. While I developed that, this project got a bit sidelined.

However, I learned a lot more about PHP and javascript working on the app, and now it is in its beta stage have come up with ideas to redesign this site, and hopefully finish it. Please pop back from time to time to check out the progress.

3 Sept 2020
Recently returned from a few weeks in the West Country, which gave me a perfect opportunity to take some more photos. Will upload some of them in the near future.
Spent some time during lockdown developing an online orders app for my local pub to use when Covid restrictions allowed them to open. Having used several of these types of app while on holiday, pleased to say mine is the quickest and simplest to use.

25 May 2020
Have been working on lots of other projects during Lockdown, none of which involve photography.
Still, cleared up lots of outstanding jobs around the house and garden.
One of my little projects, still ongoing, is to build a weather station. So far only have parts to make a temperature and humidity sensor. While learning how to do this, and writing the software to record the data, came across a website that allows you to access its weather data.
I have uploaded the weather recoring software to this site, so if you are interested in my local weather you can access it from Other/Weather on the menu above.

22 November 2019
Page added to "Techy Stuff" with information about my Library Catalogue project mentioned above.

16th November
Pages added to display photographs from Clare Photo Club. This is a few locals who meet up once a month and pick a theme to take photos of, then print out one entry for everyone to judge. Winner gets to pick next months theme.
This is more about drinking and talking bollocks for a few hours than photographic art.

10th November 2019
The site is now updated with a Guestbook and Contact page, and the homepage has fleshed out a bit.
Next on the 'to do list' is finish the buying page so visitors can actually buy prints and details about the photo tagging program. Please pop back from time to time to check out the progress.