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Lining the benches   - Thursday 19-8-2021

With the benches finished structurally, more or less, it was time to apply the lining.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photographs of this part. The lining is the same as on the walls and comes in 2 metre square sheets with cans of spray glue.
I covered both of the uprights first, then the seats, and fixed it all back together again.
The final part was cutting end plates for the benches at the rear and by the side door, covering and fixing those, and the benches were done.
Sitting on the benches, we decided how high we wanted the table to be, after which I cut and hinged the bed base so the rear part was that high. To erect the table, we pull the bed backwards and lift it, sliding the end part upright between the benches. The front end is supported by a B&Q table leg that screws onto a bracket underneath.
The sharp eyed amongst you will notice my mistake in that I did not allow enough clearance between the offside bench and the end plate of the cooker. It was fine before I covered it all but that lining is thicker than it looks. There is an end plate, but it is fixed by magnetic catches and you have to remove it before you can open the bench.

Table from the rearBenches and bedBed from the front