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Raising the roof   - Sunday 31-7-22

While we were in Wales, we met some folks with a VW like ours that had a pop top, and they showed us around.

Having seen a practical example, we decided Gulliver had to have one. The roof can be raised up when parked, so it is possible to stand upright in the van, and there is a floor to it as well, so you are able to sleep up there too.

So we bit the bullet as it were, raided the savings account, and arranged for a local firm to carry out the work. While we were at it, we had them fit a solar panel as well, hooked up to a new leisure battery we recently fitted. Before the pop top roof was fitted, I had to strip out a lot of the inside that I built last year, so while the roof was being fitted, I set about re-designing the inside.
We wanted to maximise the storage space but still retain the facillity of a downstairs bed for stealth camping purposes. We retained the long bench on one side which remains storage, and built an upright cupboard with sliding doors on the other side next to the sink and cooker, leaving just under half of the storage bench that was o that side. I cut what used to be the bed into panels, two of which form a large bench accross the back, which is also storage, with the remainder slotted upright and out of sight by the rear doors. The existing foam was cut so it forms cushions over the flat surfaces. These slats can now be re-arranged quickly into a bed when needed, and the cushions slot together to make the mattress.

The difference is amazing.