Thoughts and musings of an old codger.

Maiden Voyage   - Thursday 26-8-2021

Todays the day for the campers maiden voyage! Set off around 11.30 heading for the West Country. Stopped off on the way at our usual half way point, Solstice Services on the A303 and had a McDonalds.
Arrived at Dartmoor around 6.30 and paused for a pint at The Burrator Inn, on the edge of the moor near Yelverton. We have stayed here many times, and recently has been closed for several months since the landlord and landlady retired. Now under new management, it has been refurbed really well, and was really busy, but has lost some of its character.
Carried on to our scheduled stop at The Hare and Hounds a little north of Tavistock.
This is a really nice pub, with a campsite out the back, and not at all expensive. Pleased to report the Camper drives really well, and nothing in the back shook or rattled, (or came loose) during the drive down here.
Set up for the night then went into the pub for the evening.
The weather was so good the next morning we decided to set off early and have breakfast on the moor. Unexpected and quite persistent visitors invited themselve along, so not wanting to cook a fry up with the door shut we opted for coffee and toast.