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I would't go that way myself....   - Thursday 29-6-23

With Gulliver all loaded up we set off for Dorset at around 11:30.
From Suffolk to Scotland via Dorset is not the most direct route some would say, and they would be correct. However, we had arranged to meet up with family and booked a campsite near Corfe Castle for the weekend.

It was raining cats and dogs when we left, but after a few hours we emerged from the storm clouds into bright sunshine. Arriving at the campsite late afternoon, it was dry as a bone, and did not appear to have rained there for several days.
We set up the awning and windbreak and had a few beers while waiting for the others to arrive.

There were several folks sitting around their vans and tents enjoying the peace and quiet. That would soon change when the family arrived with their 4 year old twin boys!
The campsite was on a working farm, and we were visited by these rather fine peacocks.