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To Sum Up…   - Friday 25-12-2020

Well, its Christmas. And what have we done.

Not a lot actually! Website still not updated, but I have been planning it. Treated myself to some new editing software and now learning how to use it. Bye bye Photoshop, you've priced yourself out of [my] market.

I bought Affinity Photo and must say I am really pleased with it. Its far superior to my old version of Photoshop for cropping and selections, in fact it does everything I could do in Photoshop, but better, easier and faster. It also does everything I’d wanted Photoshop to do but never found out how to do, either because it didn’t do it, or I was unable to find out how it did it.
Affinity also has an excellent set of easy to follow video tutorials available right from the editor, so no googleing all over the place to find out a process.

I also bought Luminar AI and Aurora HDR from Skylum Software. Both are good packages, and I find myself processing the RAW image in Affinity, doing any necessary touch ups and crops, then passing it through either Aurora if I want an HDR edit, or Luminar just to see if there are any subtle improvements to be had.

Its been a funny old year, this has.
Two lockdowns with a severely restricted bit in between. Though we did manage our annual pilgrimage to Goa in January and February before the Covid thing took off, and the two trips to Cornwall, we have not been able to go anywhere much, so very little photography this year, and no annual motorbike tour.
My poor old Suzuki has not seen the light of day all year.

I would wish you all a merry christmas, but it would be presumtious of me to assume anyone is reading this. Lets hope things change for the better next year.