Thoughts and musings of an old codger.

Across the border.   - Wednesday 5-7-23

Saying goodbye to the lovely owners of The Stag, we took the A7 through Galashiels towards Edinburgh. We had decided as we were passing through we ought to take the opprtunity to visit.
Stopping at the Park and Ride on the outskirts, we took the bus in to the city.

We were amazed at how crowded it was, and as we walked along Princes Street past the castle, constantly had to weave around sightseers staring up at the castle. Needing to find a toilet, we diverted through an underground shopping mall, then back up on the street headed off to find the Greyfriers Bobby statue.
Encountering roadblocks and security people in high vis vests, I asked one of them what was going on. The reply in a broad scots accent was 'What planet have you come from?'. It transpired King Charles III had just been coronated as King of Scotland up at the castle. We even missed the red arrows as they flew over while we were in the underground Mall! I've never been one for keeping up with the news, neither do we listen to the radio, so we hadn't a clue this was going to happen.
Strolling on, we eventually came to the cemetary and statue.

Taking the bus back to the park and ride, we took Gulliver accross the Forth Road Bridge for the short hop to Kirkaldy. Meeting up with some friends for a catch up, we parked for the night on Kirkaldy Esplanade, overlooking the Firth of Forth.