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Camper interior design   - Sunday 8-8-2021

Now I have an in-progress campervan conversion. I am fortunate in that there is little or no work needed in the bodywork or mechanical department, I only need to fit out the inside. Here is my 'blank canvas' ready for the design stage.

Here is the inside of the van, my 'blank canvass' if you like.
The first stage is planning out what we want, and where it will go.
Then its measuring up, planning it out, making notes, buying the materials and actually doing it.

We want a small gas hob, sink and running water.
We will need storage space, bed, table, fridge and a toilet. We'll need USB ports for charging stuff,
and a 20 volt power supply for my laptop. Will also need to fit a leisure battery and split charge relay
so we do not wake up one morning with a flat vehicle battery.

I decided to make a unit to fit under the offside window with the hob and sink. Gas bottle, fridge, fresh water and waste containers would go underneath.
For the storage I would make benches with opening lids along each side. The bed would be a section of plywood between the benches, hinged at one third, so it could also act as a table, the third being upright, with a table leg at the other end. The loo would have to be free standing, as not enough room for a 'cubicle'.

There will be a box near the roof where all the wires are shown, with the laptop power supply, USB ports, and a 12v socket for the fridge, and I will run a 5 volt supply to the rear for some more USB ports.
The leisure battery can go under the passenger seat.

I chose 4 x 2 softwood and 18mm ply as materials as I want it to be strong and not rattle as we drive along. We decided on a mains/12v picnic type coldbox for a fridge, as much cheaper than a proper caravan fridge, and good enough for our purposes.
After drawing up some plans and calulating quantities, ordered all the stuff online. Should be able to make a start in a few days.

Campervan blank canvas