Various time wasters

Here are a few games I put together during idle moments.

Access them from the dropdown Games menu above.

Interactive Fiction or RPG [Role Playing Game] are both names for games where the story unfolds according to decisions made by the player.
Another name for these games many years ago were Text Adventures, which I used to play on my ZX Spectrum. Famous titles were Monkey Island, The Hobbit and Colossal Adventure. I particularly liked one called Snowball 9 from Level 9 Software.
Mausoleum is written in Python, mainly to play onthe Raspberry Pi.

Mastermind is a version of the board game of that name from several years ago. I think its name changed to Codebreaker some time later.
I have three versions here, that you can play directly on the website.

Codebreaker, Mastermind and Mastercode.
They are much like the original Mastermind game, except colours are represented by numbers.
You have to guess the code entered by the opposing player, in this case the computer.
Each time you guess, you are told how many are the right number, and how many are the right number in the right place.